BYOND MMORPG highly based on the anime SAO.
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 News & Updates

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PostSubject: News & Updates   Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:04 pm

Hello welcome to the forums, ready for the first update?

The game is nearly ready for alpha testing! Hoooooooooooooray!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots have been added into the game, me and the rest of the team have been working hard for you guys are fans because we want you to enjoy a fun gamed based on the hit anime SAO. This game was really made for your entertainment Very Happy .

Anyways, this update is to tell you guys about alpha and what type of contents/systems are in as of now and what will be added. Alpha will only consist of Town of Beginnings (Town of Starting for SCO) and a forest map just for your guys enjoyment.

Heres the updates:
Death System
Enemy AI (J_AI)
Equipment System
Inventory System
Menu Added
Jump Added
Parties Added + Exp Share/Gold Share
Combat Added
Targetting Added
Private Messaging Added
Resting Added
Guilds Added
Weapon Boost Added
Chest System
Monster Drops
Fishing Added
Profession Popup Added
Weapon Mastery

Also, there is no promise release date though it is very soon all we need is art, once we have all the art and Town of Starting mapped is when the game will be released for Alpha v0.1 you can check back here to this forum for more information.

P.S Development might be slow because we only have pixel artist and he is fairly knew to pixel art but very good turf artist so if your an artist and want to help with the game feel out an Application for pixel artist!
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News & Updates
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